Big W Massage Gun Review | Just $99, Too Good To Be True?

Big W Massage Gun

So we have another big Australian retailer that has decided to release their very own massage gun. We have recently discovered that Big W have released a massage gun of their own in an attempt to compete with companies such as Rebel Sport and Kmart who also seem to have gone down the route of going direct to manufacturer. They have titled it the Action Impact Massager and with a name like that, you'd hope that it offers some hard hitting impact. We went in store to try it out but decided not to purchase as we soon realised that we in fact already own this massage gun. 

Now before we jump into the review, you may be saying to yourself... "hey, I've seen that massage gun before". No, you're not seeing double. It would seem that both Big W and Rebel Sport have used the exact same massage gun supplier as it is literally identical. We recently purchased the Rebel Sport Celsius massage gun and were a little disappointed that we weren't able to add to our collection (trying every massage gun is an awesome perk of the job). It's worthwhile noting so that you can simply travel to whichever retailer is closer to you. Why they have used the exact same manufacturer seems to make little sense but that's besides the point, lets jump into our review.


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The Big W Action Impact Massager has all of the standard that you'd expect from a large Australian retailer; Multiple massage heads, standard body and relatively quiet noise output. For $99 it really is hard to go wrong. That being said though, the $99 price point has become a lot more competitive these days with Aldi, Kmart, and Harvey Norman all stocking massage guns around this price point. And after reviewing those there are a few obvious draw backs that can be seen. All In all through, its a stock standard massage gun that does offer a decent impact without the price tag.


With such a competitive price point, we have to say that there are a few pros here. The massage gun itself offers an okay power output for its price. If we were to rank it against all the massage guns we have tried it probably sits between low to moderate. The problem with most massage guns is that they are only available online. This means that you have to order the product before you can try it or simply hope that one of your friends have already taken that gamble. Its a real positive to be able to walk into your local Westfield and give it a go for yourself.

  • Only $99
  • Available at all Big W stores
  • Low to moderate power output


Some of the major drawbacks here are just any form of value added features. There is no new structure, a minimal 3 massage heads, solid plastic handle, no screen only 3 power levels and it doesn't even come with a carry case. So when we are talking about stock standard, it really is exactly that. If Aldi and Kmart never released their massage guns then we feel like you could justify it with the price tag. In comparison though, it simply doesn't stack up. If you want to see our review of the Aldi massage gun or kmart massage gun then simply click the links. The power output is not that bad, providing a low to mid level output in comparison to others we have tried.

  • Standard handle structure
  • Only 3 massage heads 
  • Plastic handle
  • No screen
  • 3 power levels
  • No carry case

Final Verdict

Taking all of the above into account we rate the big W Action Impact Massager a 5/10. With less competition, we could have easily pushed this up to a 7. The problem is that other companies are simply choosing better designs and manufacturers whilst selling within the same price range.