Kmart Massage Gun Review - is it Worth $89?

Kmart massage gun

Kmart have recently moved into the massage gun space. This has been met with much excitement by Australian consumers as there is finally a cheap massage gun available year round at one of your favourite retailers. The Kmart massage gun, without a doubt is one of the best value massage guns available on the market today boasting 4 massage heads a decent battery and quality assurance checks by Kmart themselves. As we do with every massage gun, we thought we'd buy it for ourselves and give you both the good and the bad so you can make up your own mind. To see our pick of the best 5 massage guns available in Australia today - click here.


There is certainly plenty of upside. In-fact, we'd rate this as one of the best massage guns within this price range. Here are the pros:

  • 4 Massage gun heads - this is industry standard
  • Decent battery with 3 hours of run time - around industry standard
  • Backed by one of Australia's biggest retailers
  • Durability and QA tests carried out


We also did note that there are a few downsides. We should also look at this from the perspective that it is only $89. Here are the cons:

  • Only 5 speed settings - industry standard sits around 10
  • Didn't quite feel as powerful as some of the others available
  • No LCD screen. You may or may not care about this
  • Carry case was simply a box making it hard to transport

Final Verdict

Overall, we were quite impressed with the Kmart massage gun. It ticks all of the basic boxes that you'd expect from one of Australia's leading retailers and for only $89 it's definitely worth the price tag if you're after an entry level model. With that being said, we rate the Kmart massage gun an 8/10. To see our reviews of the best 5 massage guns available in Australia today - click here.