New Aldi Massage Gun - An Honest Review | Updated 22 January 2021

Aldi Massage Gun

Okay, okay we get it, you missed out on the previous release of the $89 Aldi massage gun in August 2020. I'm sure you lined up eagerly on the morning of release to see whether you could snatch one before the area ransacked by people scavenging for what seemed to be the best thing since sliced bread. Just like many, you may have been frustrated by the fact that it seemed to run out of stock before the doors to your local Aldi had even opened. Well, you need not worry; Aldi have planned another release of their much famed massage gun, now titled the Crane Massage Gun. This will be included as part of Aldi's Special Buys on January 30 2021 in Australia. There is one catch, something looks a little different... Okay to save you the suspense, it’s a completely new massage gun. 

If you read our review of the old Aldi massage gun you'd know that we had plenty of nice things to say. We have conducted many reviews of all of the top massage guns in Australia and if you'd like to see what our picks are for the top 5 massage guns available in Australia then simply click here. Let us jump into what we do and do not know.

Now this new model has not yet been released. To offer full disclosure, we have not in fact tested this product yet. As a brand we have an extensive understanding of product specifications with which we have used to formulate our review. We have gathered as much information as we possibly can so that we can deliver you the most accurate review available. Aldi seem to be particularly coy with releasing any information around the power or battery life of the product however based on the available specs, we can assume it will be relatively good. The new Aldi massage gun looks set to exceed all expectations. Aldi has once again set the standard for entry level massage guns with their latest release and it really is a product you should be lining up for this time around. The price? Only $89 of course.


There are plenty of pros to talk about here. First, there is an integrated led function in the handle of the product. This is something usually reserved for massage guns that sit within the higher price bracket ($250-$300). This adds a really sleek and premium finish. This works seamlessly with idle auto switch off function. This means that if you leave the product in idle mode for 15 seconds it will turn off automatically. Most massage guns require a double on and off switch which the new Aldi massage gun gracefully avoids. 5 massage heads mean that it sits above industry standard which generally 4 heads. While realistically you may only use one or two, it means you have a greater selection if you’re trying to find one which suits you or the muscles you’re trying to hit perfectly. One thing that seems to scare many people away from the more affordable massage guns is the quality. No one wants to pay $89 for a product that breaks after a couple of days of usage. Well, the new Aldi massage gun also comes with a 3-year warranty, offering you both peace of mind and confidence that Aldi will back the product to last for that long. It also comes complete with a handy carry case meaning you can both easily transport and protect the device which comes in handy for those using it pre- and post-workout.

  • LED luminated handle
  • Idle battery stoppage after 15 seconds
  • 5 massage heads
  • Comes complete with carry case
  • 3 Year warranty


Okay so there do seem to be a few cons. The core of which is around the fact that we still don’t know so much about this product. The most important considerations around purchasing a massage gun are; battery life, power output and noise. We don’t have answers to these three big questions and for a massage gun enthusiast such as myself, this is very frustrating. Based on what we can tell, it does seem to be a very well-constructed unit and our assumption is that it will at least have an industry standard level in these three areas. The other concern is that there are only 3 speed levels. We were hoping to have at least 5 for this release but it seems that they have stuck with 3. It’s not a major drawback but it may be annoying for those who want to find a good level for them. Some of the feedback from the first Aldi massage gun release was that it was too powerful and operated in rickety fashion. Whilst we don’t agree with this, there is a case to claim that having more speed levels allows the user to find the perfect level for them. Most massage guns have at least 10 speed settings these days. The 360 degree handle that was featured in the last massage gun has also been removed which is a slight step back however this has been made up with a more manoeuvrable frame.

  • Lack of information around battery life, power output and noise – once this information is available we will update the article.
  • Only 3 speed levels
  • No 360 degree handle

How does the January 2021 Aldi massage gun compare to the August 2020 release?

At this stage it’s a little hard to tell. It seems like this new unit will seriously blow the old model out of the water. The features that this massage gun offer seem to be a sleek alteration the previous model. One of our complaints about the last release has been overcome. We believe the old model was bulky and made it quite hard to manoeuvre. People who are transporting it too and from the gym will find it quite hard to fit in their gym bag. Aldi have removed the charging dock which honestly, we feel is a positive. Every feature like this means that you sacrifice investment in the actual product (being the massage gun) and it seems like we have got that investment. Whether the internals match up is yet to be seen and once more information becomes available, we will update this article.

Final Verdict

The new Aldi massage gun is really something to get excited about for the January 30 edition of Aldi Special Buys. From the sneak peak that we have seen, this does look to be one of the best value for money massage guns available on the market today. We give it an 8.5 out of 10 with an opportunity for this number to increase with further information which is yet to be released.

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