Homedics Massage Gun Review - Pros and Cons

HoMedics Massage Gun

Backed by popular demand, we have decided to continue our Australian massage gun reviews to help you understand what you’re buying (See our top 5 Australian Massage Guns). Recently HoMedics released their own massage gun titled the HoMedics Physio Massage Gun. It was refreshing to see a company which specialises in massage devices and recovery equipment finally release a product of their own. Oh, did we mention the price tag? Only $99! Not only that, it’s also available at all of your local retailers Including; Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, Target and Bing Lee. We gave a lot of praise to Aldi in the Aldi massage gun review so we went and bought the HoMedics massage gun to see how it stacks up.


Okay so there is definitely plenty of good here. HoMedics is a reputable brand  with a long history of bringing out products that you trust. A brand like HoMedics offering a product for $99 is simply awesome. We have listed out some of the main positives below:

  • Only $99
  • Reputable brand
  • Sold at easily accessible retailers - if anything goes wrong or you don’t like the product, it’s quick and easy to return.


We didn’t think we’d be saying this but there were in fact many drawbacks to the massage gun. If it weren’t for other companies coming out with superior specs in the same price range then I guess we could write these off by saying that it’s only $99. However, with Aldi releasing theirs for $89 with far superior specs, a new standard has been set. The thing that really surprised us is the battery life. 1 hour? Really? Most massage guns have a minimum of 2-4 hours so this really disappointed us. See our drawbacks below:

  • Only 3 massage heads - industry standard is 4 minimum
  • Only 3 intensity settings - Some massage guns have up to 20 settings
  • Only 3000 RPMs - Slightly lower than industry standard (3,300)
  • 1 Hour battery - Well below Industry standard
  • Cheap bag instead of a carry case


Final Verdict

Whilst certainly not the worst choice of massage gun, we really did expect more from a brand like HoMedics. And yes, for $99 its not like you’re risking a large investment however we encourage anyone who is interested in massage  guns to do a little research and find something that may offer more value for money. If you’d like to see our review of the Top 5 Massage Guns In Australia Click Here