9 Best Gifts For Gym Lovers | Australia 2021

dumbbells with Christmas hat

So it's that time of year again. You've been going a million miles an hour at work, rushing home every night to cook dinner and spend time with the family and you've left all your Christmas gift shopping to the last minute... AGAIN! I know, I know, I do it every year as well. I always say "this year, I'll plan out my Christmas gifts and get them done in November" yet I never manage to find the time or energy to do so.

Now, you always want to get something meaningful for close family members or friends right? Well, if you've got plenty of gym goers or gym junkies in the family or your friendship group like I do, it would be best to get them something they can use throughout the year during those early morning or late night sweat sessions. 

Well fortunately I've done all the hard work for you. Recently I was looking to get my brother a Christmas present and found it really difficult to sort through the range of options available. It took me hours but I complied a list together from all my research in the hopes of helping you. So without further a do, here are the best gifts for gym lovers:

1. Mussage Massage Gun 

Okay, we get it. You've seen these massage guns around everywhere. You click on one ad and now you can never get them off your feed. Despite this, massage guns are honestly the best gift for any gym junkie or even those who are into a bit of leisurely sport or fitness. Now there are plenty out there and some are really really expensive. Mussage offer massage guns starting at just $119 so it's perfect for a close friend or relative.

2. Hydration Running Belt

Okay I know this might not be what you were thinking would be at the top of the list but trust me it's an absolute must! For anyone who has picked up, running, jogging or walking over the past few months it's an absolute life saver allowing you to store water bottles, keys, phones and more whilst running. There are plenty available on the market however I'd opt to go with one from Decathlon. They specialise in running equipment and have a range of options to suit your needs.

3. Gym Face Mask

Training the smart way is tough at the moment.. Fortunately active masks have been invented to ensure safety whilst also allowing you to train and catch your breath. Not all gyms are mandating their use but it's definitely good to have the option to train with one if you wish. There are a range of options available however I suggest going for Under armour's sport face mask. This has been tried and tested and is widely considered the best face mask for working out with it's breathable materials and sleek design.

4. Fitbit

A Fitbit is absolutely perfect for those who are wanting to dive into all the details of their health and fitness. It tracks your resting heart rate, food logging, calorie burning and heaps more. There are so many options to choose from and when I was reading into it I was losing my mind trying to work out which one is the best. For me the perfect Christmas gift is the Fitbit Inspire 2.  At $119 it also sits a a relatively good price range for a gift.

5. Earphones

There are many earphones to choose from however the main thing to consider is durability when it comes to earphones for the gym. If you're buying for someone who's into running then it may be best to go for the Powerbeats Pro. These offer superior coverage over the ears so that they don't fall out. Alternatively if it's just for weight training or exercise which doesn't require a lot of movement then I'd go for the Jabra Elite Active 75t. They are water and dust proof and offer noise cancelation. From personal experience the Jabra Elite are a must have.

6. Smart Skipping Rope

If like you're anything like me then you might be surprised to find out that skipping has become much further than a school playground activity. Smart skipping is a relatively new addition to the home fitness equipment space. It allows you to see your progress when skipping through an LED light that shows on the band and it also stores your progress through your smart phone or watch. The Tangram factory smart rope has connectivity with all apple products and I'd opt to go for this if you're buying for someone with an iPhone or Apple Watch.

7. Acupressure Mat

Okay okay, I was sceptical too but trust me these things are great! They help to relieve tension and stress and its absolutely perfect post workout for recovery. I have all sorts of back pain from training over the years and I can honestly say that this has really helped to reduce some of that pain. They also aren't too expensive and sit around the $90 range. If I were to recommend a company who sells them I'd go with Neptune Blanket or Shakti Mat. Both of these companies are online retailers however they have been selling them for a long time and offer a reliable product.

8. Gym Towel

Whilst it may not be the most exciting gift, a gym towel is always perfect for any gym lover. It's also an item that you can never have enough of and there are plenty of options on the market. Rebel sport are offering a gym towel which is awesome value for money. It's called the Celsius Gym Towel and it starts at just $14.99. I'd check out the full Celsius range as there are some towels which offer a super handy zip to keep your keys or gym card in. 

9. Motivational Water Bottle

Now with this one there are literally so many options on the market. A lot of these bottles have different messages which people may respond to in different ways. It's worthwhile to browse through a few different options with a google search to help you find something which might be the most relevant to the intended end user. A number of companies I can recommend include: Shein, Etsy and Seepar.