5 Best Sleep Masks In Australia 2023 | These Will Change Your Life

man wearing black mussage sleep mask with headphones on bed

I get it. You're tired. Work has been stressful, your partner is snoring all night and there always seems to be that one random beam of light that shows only when all the main lights are turned off. To solve this, fortunately there is a simple solution in a sleep mask. The only problem is there are literally so many options and most companies that you're looking at don't even operate in Australia. 

Now I'm sure by now you've been doing a bit of research into which is the perfect sleep mask for you. There are so many options available on the market from bamboo and silk sleep masks to eyelash protecting and face cooling sleep masks, which make it hard to choose. There are however two major questions that you might present yourself with:

Which sleep mask is right for me?

The answer to this question really comes down to preference. You must first ask yourself what you are looking for in a sleep mask? Is it being used to:

  • Blockout light?
  • Blockout noise?
  • Protect your face from wrinkles?
  • Apply pressure to reduce headaches and migraines?
  • Reduce stress?

If you were to put these into an order of most important to least important then this will help you to find out which sleep mask will be right for you. In this article I'll go through and break down all of the pros and cons of each sleep mask. There aren't any sleep masks which tick all these boxes so its best to work out what your priorities are first.

This article is written as a guide, with the intention to assist you select a sleep mask best suited to your requirements. All comments are based on opinion and preference. 

Where can I buy a sleep mask in Australia?

The answer to this question is actually quite hard. I mean sure, you could buy from amazon or an American retailer but then there are so many problems that arise if you want to send it back or exchange it. When I was researching I found that there aren't too many prominent Australian companies that sell sleep masks but I did uncover some awesome local companies who I'm sure will be able to fulfil your needs. All these companies have got amazing backing and they're all based in Australia so returns will be really simple.

Here is our breakdown of the best sleep masks in Australia.

1. mussage Sleep Mask With Headphones

mussage sleep mask with headphones

The mussage sleep mask really does have all the functions needed for a perfect night of sleep. It has total blackout eye pads, a comfortable head band which is perfect for side sleepers, bluetooth connectivity, thin earphones and is shipped out of Sydney Australia. It's perfect for people who enjoy having soft music or a podcast playing when they are trying to get to sleep. It really does cover off a lot of benefits however If you're looking for a sleep mask without any integrated noise functionality, then I'd suggest opting for another sleep mask which may be a little less expensive.


  • Total blackout padded eye mask
  • Contoured eye area which protects eyelids and eyelashes
  • Thin 4mm headphones
  • integrated Soft head band ideal for side sleepers
  • Premium quality noise output
  • Based in Australia


  • Doesn't feature silk or bamboo materials
  • Priced at $69

2. Slip Silk Sleep Mask

Slip sleep mask

This is quite possibly the most well known sleep mask in Australia. They have heaps of options available but to make things simple I thought I'd review their standard sleep mask. Honestly its quite comfortable and despite what some of the reviews say, I find it stays on your head very well. The major benefit is the quality of materials. These materials are especially important for comfort and maintaining moisture around the eyes which may help with preventing wrinkles, dark circles and fine lines. Some of the drawbacks come from a lack of total blackout features, pricing and ability to play music.


  • Pure silk material
  • Comfortable elastic headband
  • Reputable brand Based in Australia
  • Lots of customer reviews


  • No integrated noise function
  • Priced at $55
  • Doesn't feature total blackout

3. Love Nightshift Luxury Sleep Mask

Love nightshift luxury sleep mask

This is honestly one of the most tried and tested sleep masks in Australia. It has a few awesome features that make it unique including total blackout functionality, memory foam padding and a nose indent. This allows the sleep mask to conform to your face and offer a really comfortable fit. Honestly this is a really good pick if you're someone who's after comfort and 100% blackout. The main drawback is the elastic headband combined with a slightly thicker eye mask which makes it fall off your head at certain angles. I'd say this is a relatively minor problem though and generally the sleep mask stays on when moving around.


  • Memory foam eye pads
  • Shaped nose area
  • 100% blackout
  • Contoured eye area which protects eyelids and eyelashes


  • No integrated noise function
  • Elastic headband
  • Priced at $49

4. Lula Self Warming Eye Mask

Lula self warming eye mask

Just to be very clear, the Lula sleep mask is quite different from traditional sleep masks. The product is very innovative in that after you remove them from the packaging, they heat up and give off a natural scent. Honestly I found it really relaxing and the heating function felt really good to sleep to. What I didn't realise (which in hindsight I really should have) was that each sleep mask is only a single use. That means that after using the sleep mask once you have to throw away. There are 5 in each packet and the packets are $29 so from a retailer perspective I believe they are offering the best price that they can but from a customer point of view it makes it quite expensive if you plan on using one every day. I'd say these are perfect for special occasions. Nonetheless I loved it so much that I thought it needed to make the list.


  • Heated eye mask
  • Scented for relaxation
  • Very relaxing
  • Lots of customer reviews


  • Single use product
  • Doesn't feature 100% blackout
  • No integrated noise function

 5. Neptune Blanket Weighted Sleep Mask

Neptune blanket weighted sleep mask

The Neptune Blanket weighted sleep mask offers its own unique perks.  There are two main inserts; a weighted insert and a cooling gel insert. The weighted insert is   said to help with relaxation and prevention of migraines. The cooling gel is meant to help those who are hot sleepers. It's certainly a different design and it is quite interesting and how beneficial it is probably depends on how you sleep. Personally I'm a side sleeper and found this mask to not work for me as all the weight falls off to one side. I also found that I couldn't really feel the cooling gel through the fabric and the sleep mask was very bulky. The weighted insert I think would be great if you're a back sleeper or if you were using this for a nap. It did seem to block out most of the light which I like.


  • Weighted insert + cooling gel insert
  • 100% blackout
  • Lots of customer reviews
  • Pressure helps with migraines
  • Contoured eye area which protects eyelids and eyelashes


  • Weight goes to the side if you're a side sleeper
  • Cooling gel is not that effective
  • Bulky
  • Priced at $49